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Freestyle Tai Chi and 42 other things I did yesterday to promote health and happiness

I think a little background information will be helpful as you read this list. I am a real person with real kids, a real husband and a real life. Not everything I do each day is healthy.

Also, I believe health happens everywhere. I don’t think health is confined to a gym or a dinner table. I think health is the accumulation of our tiny efforts and actions throughout each day, week and year. I call this health karma.

I also believe that everyone’s health journey is different. What works for me in my life won’t necessarily work for you in your life. I do think, however, there are few things that help us all along our path to better health.

My choices are the result of many life experiences and countless hours spent pouring over health literature. I make a strong effort to lead an intentional life based on the hopes I have. This is what it looked like yesterday.

Starting at 0400:

1) Drank coffee

2) Completed 15 minutes of free style tai chi aka intentional movement (note: I don’t actually know how to do tai chi)

3) Did 10 minutes of meditation with with my Headspace app

4) Fed and held my youngest daughter

5) Studied my health coach materials

6) Started a crockpot meal- venison-yam chili

7) Hugged my husband

8) Sent good morning texts to my mom and sister

9) Made plans to have a playdate with a super awesome mom I know

10) Typed the meeting minutes for the children’s book I am working on

11) Ate oatmeal with raisins, yogurt, syrup, almond milk and walnuts

12) Ate a mandarin orange

13) Brushed and flossed my teeth

14) Made and drank chai tea with honey and cashew milk

15) Sang with my daughter

16) Washed my hands no less than 20 times

17) Played pretend camping trip with my imaginative preschooler- complete with ice skating, a princess tent, and the building and climbing of Mt. McKinley

18) Ate a handful of cashews and a slice of cheese

19) Did about 10 minutes of body weight exercises when one daughter napped and the other played in her room

20) Drank 24 oz of filtered water from a glass

21) Stood a little taller when I realized I was slouching

22) Googled EDTA in an effort to determine its safety as a food additive (an ingredient in our mayo)

23) Ate a spinach salad with grapes, olive oil and vinegar, carrots, homemade ranch and cottage cheese

24) Looked on Pinterest for some recipe ideas

25) Roasted carrots and brussel sprouts for later

26) Chose to mindfully wash our dishes

27) Sang a song to my youngest that I made up, complete with a little dance

28) Took out our recycling

29) Went for a brisk 13 minute walk pushing my daughter in a stroller

30) Started reading “How to Raise a Wild Child” By Scott D. Sampson

31) Drank Yogi ginger tea with honey

32) Periodically remembered to tighten my core while moving throughout my day

33) Ate a handful of almonds

34) Walked outside and played near a frozen pond

35) Had dinner with my family

36) Went on another walk after dinner as the sky was darkening

37) Took a shower and used my non-gmo organic shampoo and body wash

38) Read books to my girls and put them to bed

40) Put on my eye cover and laid down in bed to relax

41) Took a moment to be grateful for all that I have in my life

42) Kissed my husband goodnight

43) Fell asleep by 8:15pm

So there it is, a peek inside my typical day. Not everyday looks like this. The general theme stays the same though. I do a bunch of healthy stuff, take some time to laugh, eat as much real food as I can possibly manage, do some type of movement, spend time outside, invest in my relationships and take a moment to be grateful.

What are the tiny steps in your day that are moving you toward the healthier life you want?

As always, I would love to hear from you. Message me here and I will get back to as soon as I can.

**I hope to see our health community here grow. If you like my posts, please share them on Facebook or with friends, family or anyone you know that might be interested.

***This post is dedicated to the Gluten and Dairy free Wildcat. Thanks for the inspiration and being generally awesome at life. May you have a wonderfuly fabulous journey in life and love forever and always. ❤️


5 thoughts on “Freestyle Tai Chi and 42 other things I did yesterday to promote health and happiness

    1. Sarah – It seems EDTA is safe in small doses. I remain skeptical. Fortunately ,Trader Joe’s has a mayo without any mystery ingredients. And yes, everyday has a little princess in it in this house. 🙂


  1. Sounds like a busy day. So are you not nursing in the field any more at present? I’m just trying to remember to get up and move from my desk at work periodically so I don’t get stiff from sitting there too long. Same at home. Start my day with 5 minutes of movement while my coffee brews. If I get more – it’s all good!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Anthrograd – I do still work as a nurse. I split my time between being a momma and a nurse. It’s a good life.

      It sounds like your day has small moments of health infused in it too! Love it!

      Liked by 1 person

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