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KonMari for Christmas? Five ways ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’ could bring more joy to your holidays (and life)


I am part-nomad, part-minimalist and (some might say) a bit of a health fanatic. All of these reasons make the KonMari method and book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up (affiliate link) the perfect resource to help bring order to my life. I have wanted to share my thoughts on this book with you for a while. Right now everyone seems to be shopping for the perfect present. So, I believe this is an ideal time to tell you how this book has impacted my life, and suggest you consider putting it on your shopping list.

Here are the top reasons I believe this book could be the perfect present for your friends, family or co-workers.

  1. Health. Tidying and de-cluttering have actual implications for your health. I started this book (affiliate link) a little over a year ago. I cleaned out many unwanted items from my home while following the directions Marie Kondo lays out in her book. I can tell you that I feel much more calm when I walk into each room after having tidied. My house is easier to clean (even with children running around spilling things everywhere). I find that I have more time to just sit and play with my children or spend time with my husband. This does wonders for my mental and emotional state. (See below for science-based resources about clutter and health).
  2.  Autonomy. The author, Marie Kondo, keeps you in charge. She does not tell you to get rid of all of your prized possessions. People often get a look of concern when I tell them about my experience with the book. They seem afraid that this book will require them give away everything that is important to them. Marie Kondo’s method is quite the opposite. You and (only you) are in charge of what you keep or discard. You have a lot of power, you also have a lot of work to do- work that will be well-worth it in the end.
  3. Ease. The book is easy to read, and has practical, systematic suggestions for tidying.
  4. Freedom. The KonMari method is liberating. She simplifies the criteria for deciding whether to keep an item. No longer do you need to agonize over – Is this item useful? Will I need it in 20 years? Will Aunt Susie Sue be crushed if I give this sweater away that she made me when I was in 7th grade? Nope. Just ‘Does this bring me joy?’ Wow. I love that. We are encouraged to surround ourselves with things that bring us joy – what a wonderful concept.
  5. True joy. I have found the real magic in this book (affiliate link) doesn’t come from the items I have kept or discarded. The real magic has come from my change in perspective over the past year. My focus is on joy. Getting rid of unwanted items has helped me clarify my purpose. Not only do I have a better idea of what I want in my closet, I have a clearer idea of what I want in my life. That is a BIG deal.

Finally, I suggest you consider buying this book (affiliate link) for yourself. If you have been with me a while you know that I believe that some of the best presents we get are ones we buy ourselves. I talk about that in my post Happy birthday month to me. I also love a good New Year’s Resolution and tidying your home and life could be just that. You could get your copy now and start 2017 with an effort and commitment to bring more joy into your life.

As always, I would love to hear from you. Message me here and I will get back to as soon as I can.

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**Hey faithful readers, if you haven’t heard already, I am working to become a Health Coach. I am hoping to get certified in the next few months. If you are interested in hearing more about my dream or want to support me, go here.

**Please note, although the opinions I have expressed in this post are entirely my own, there are affiliate links included where noted. This means that if you choose to purchase an item through one of my links I will receive a portion of the sale.

Resources about clutter and health

The Mayo Clinic has an article entitled “Memory loss: 7 tips to improve your memory” in which they talk about de-cluttering as part of an effort to improve memory.

WebMD has an article entitled “Clear the Clutter Out of Your Life -Organize and simplify your life for better emotional health“.


3 thoughts on “KonMari for Christmas? Five ways ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’ could bring more joy to your holidays (and life)

  1. Well, while de-cluttering sounds good, I literally have over a century and a half worth of stuff and four generations of belongings in this house and not all of them belong to me, but to me and my sibs and the rest of the family. Not so simple. I have de-cluttered and moved as many times as you throughout my life and am too tired to do much more. Guess it is just not as high on the priority list as it once was. But more power to you, sweetheart!

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  2. Great post, Mary! I’m great at getting rid of things and have gone on decluttering benders at least once a year. Clutter makes me feel weighted down and anxious. Did you have any issues with getting pushback from the other humans in your household? How do you declutter when co-habitating? For example, things that I see as clutter may bring my partner joy? How do you declutter a shared house, especially when one partner is a packrat?


    1. Thanks Kelly! Marie Kondo discusses exactly how tidying has implications bigger than oneself I.e. The other members of the household. This was tricky for me. I live in a small space with three other people. I have resisted discarding my husband’s prized possessions (junk). It really was only last week that he started to tidy. I never asked him to do it, he just did it. So, in my case, I continued to tidy quietly and eventually it inspired him to do the same- like magic! Ps. Thanks for reading!


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