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Do you want to get strong? Workout like a baby


No really. Look at her plank? Does it get any better than that? Her form is flawless. I think we could learn a lot from this little gal and other babies her age.

Have you ever watched babies move?  They spend all day in some form of training. They have to, their development depends on it.  These tiny beings go from a pile of mush to a walking person in a little over one year. How is that for amazing?

Babies constantly move their bodies in ways that promote their growth and development. They engage in cardiovascular activity by way of standing and crawling. Their strength training routine includes planks, push-ups, pull-ups and sit-ups. The world is their gym. Also, babies have flexibility down. They obviously have an unfair advantage on this one, they started their life as a human pretzel. Still, you have to admire their skill.

Ultimately, babies are serious about working toward their goal, namely: to become an independent social being. It’s not just how they move, babies engage  in a number of activities to improve their health.

Here are some examples: 1) Babies eat like champions. They know when they need to eat or drink and they will make sure you know as well. They consistently fuel their body to have top training performance.

2) Babies sleep a lot. They pass out all over the place. Your shoulder, their car carrier, a high chair at dinner…wherever and whenever these little guys and gals need a rest, they get to it. (It should be noted that the consistency and timing of baby sleep is a different story. Look at any parent with a baby one or younger and you will know what I mean). Nevertheless, babies need rest and they take their sleep seriously.

Finally, 3) Babies know how to have a good laugh. Unsure about this one? Give a raspberry or two to the next baby you see. Ok., don’t do that, you might arrested. Seriously though, you know what I am talking about, that pure giggle from a little one that will melt your heart right out of your chest. Pure gold.

I know, I know, babies have little else to do but to train for their life and progress in their development, but what if we modeled our health after them? What if we made sleep, exercise (including cardio, flexibility and strength training) and nutrition our top priorities? What if we took every opportunity we could to have a good laugh? I’m guessing we would be a lot healthier in a matter of weeks.

So, what do you think you could move closer to the top of your priority list? How might it impact your health?

As always, I would love to hear from you. Message me here and I will get back to as soon as I can.

**I would love to see our health community here grow. If you like my posts, please share them with friends, family or anyone you know that might be interested.

**A special thanks to the lovely parents of our plank model shown above. Thanks for letting me share this picture of a perfect plank and thanks for being totally awesome in lots of other ways.

**Hey faithful readers, if you haven’t heard already, I am working to become a Health Coach. I am hoping to get certified in the next few months. If you are interested in hearing more about my dream or want to support me, go here.



One thought on “Do you want to get strong? Workout like a baby

  1. I’ve got the sleep thing down – I’ve been oversleeping like a hibernating bear lately. It’s the rest of it I have to work on. I have been watching this British show lately called QI lately that’s a hoot for laughter medicine that has given my tummy muscles a workout. Now if I could just get my damn exercise routine ball rolling again.


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