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Lessons from a kindergarten teacher: How would you solve that problem?


My sister is a kindergarten teacher. I will add that she is an amazing, fabulous, gifted kindergarten teacher. So you might wonder why I was taken aback when I heard her say to my young daughter, “How would you solve that problem?” I thought to myself -“Well she’s only three, maybe she doesn’t have the solution to that problem”. Harrumph (insert pout face).

I eventually understood the lesson my sister was teaching. It is such a gift to allow children (and adults) to find their own solutions, their own path. She knew that allowing my daughter to work toward resolving her challenges would provide her with the skills and confidence to make choices for herself. This lesson was powerful in the moment and will continue to be in the future. Both children and we, as adults, are constantly required to make choices as a we navigate life.

I occasionally want someone else to figure out the best way for me to find health. The truth is, deep down I know what I need to do to get healthier. I have spent countless hours reading about health, I know a ton. All of this research has taught me that there are many paths to health but it is up to me to find the one that works for me. I will need to both decide the path and make sure I stay on the path.

Of course, I believe we can always support and learn from each other. I don’t think that my health endeavors need to be done alone, quite the opposite really. However, in the end it’s me that’s going to lace up my shoes and get out to walk. It’s me that’s going to make the decision about what I put on my plate. It’s me that is going to look for information and ideas that will push me closer to my health goals. Of course, all of this requires effort but is ultimately the best (and perhaps the only way) I will realize the vision I have for my health.

How about you? How are you going to find solutions to what you see as your current health problems? What is holding you back? What is going to push you forward?

As always, message me here and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

**Hey faithful readers, if you haven’t heard already, I am working to become a Health Coach. I am hoping to get certified in the next few months. If you are interested in hearing more about my dream or want to support me go here.


5 thoughts on “Lessons from a kindergarten teacher: How would you solve that problem?

  1. I had this very epiphany the other day – that I was urgently questioning others about their weight loss journeys in an attempt to find that magical ingredient to making my own journey work constantly for me. I realized in that moment that there is no such thing, that each day I will struggle to find a way to make choices that are healthier for me. I had mentioned earlier that I was challenging myself to a weekly goal. I realized that even that was a loftier goal than was attainable for me at this point and have now switched to a daily goal of tracking my food caloric intake. That is my daily goal. If I do anything else, it is a bonus. I have been good at it for over two weeks now (except I allowed myself freedom on Thanksgiving to not track) and I have lost weight each week. I consider that success.


    1. Keep up the good work Anthro grad! I really appreciate your willingness to share about your progress and challenges. I love hearing your updates.


  2. I met a kindergarten teacher who was teaching students to resolve conflicts between each other with each other instead of the old “Teacher, he did such and such to me”. Whenever she head that line, she would ask them, “did you speak to the other student about that?” While it taught them conflict resolution it also took the burden off her hands so she could deal with other stuff. Great Strategy!


    1. stomperdad – Thanks for stopping by and reading one of my posts. Also, thanks for sharing that tip from the kindergarten teacher you know. That is a wonderful strategy to use. It sounds empowering and effective!

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