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Sugar is everywhere

Sneaky sugar

Like I told you in my post Reading books backwards, I have been on this quest for better health for some time and consequently I have engaged in many different nutrition experiments over the years. Today I want to tell you about another one of my health adventures that offered many insights into my quest for better health – this time through nutrition.

Last spring I gave up all refined sugars for six weeks. No problem, right? I don’t eat cookies, cakes or pie everyday. I should float through this challenge..or so I thought. I was committed to my goal so cheating wasn’t an option. This meant a lot of label reading on my part.

Maybe this isn’t news to you, but sugar is in EVERYTHING. It is in ketchup, crackers, bread, mustard, cereal…I could go on, but I won’t. If you want or need a more exhaustive list it would be more efficient to for you to look in your pantry – it’s in most of the processed foods I looked at. I am willing to bet it is hiding in your cupboard too.

Ugh. So, this meant all of those days I was “treating” myself with a bit of chocolate, I had in fact been “treating myself” all day. I had been getting sugar from breakfast cereals to snack bars to the sauce I put in my stir fry. Damn.

I was perplexed. I considered it a possibility that I might starve over the next few weeks, but like in most of my desperate moments, I had to look for another path. Finding a route around the sugar mountain seemed challenging at first but was ultimately quite simple. The easiest way I discovered to navigate past the oh-so-sneaky sugar is to eat one ingredient foods. Yup. Good ol’ fruits and vegetables, whole grains and dairy to the rescue. This did take some time to get used to and I don’t follow a strict no sugar added nutrition plan today, but I learned a lot in the process. Sugar isn’t our enemy, but when I am enjoying a delicious treat I want it to be just that – delicious and a treat. I don’t need sugar in my peanut butter for it to be fabulous, so I check the labels before I toss food into my cart or better yet buy foods that don’t require labels – oranges and carrots are wonderfully delicious and don’t need a label.

If you like what you are reading follow me, share my post or come back to visit when you are ready to hear another story. I would love to hear from you. I am happy to write on topics that interest you – so send me some suggestions. Have a fabulous day and remember you aren’t alone on your wellness journey, I am here cheering you on! Here is a little more about me.

Also, Check out my the library page to see what resources that have influenced my health journey.


2 thoughts on “Sugar is everywhere

  1. Sugar makes me crazy! I REALLY need to try and go sugar free for a bit but that’s the problem, its so hard to manage – especially when I am busy working all day and coming home to that. Cereal and granola are my current sticking point – even in the “health” aisle all the foods are filled with sugar so I’ve learned to use a “nut medley” with my breakfast – isn’t it crazy so I laughed when I read your “its in EVERYTHING” so sad but true!


    1. Bri – I couldn’t agree more. Going sugar free is quite a task, which is especially difficult when life is so busy already. I have to say that my level of effort toward healthy choices ebbs and flows over time. Although, when I am making the choices I know are best for my health, I feel great. One would assume that would be incentive enough to stay focused but quite frankly it isn’t. Work, my family and my love for cheesecake certainly interfere with a sugar-free life, but that is why I talk about health as journey, it is constantly unfolding. After learning so much through my sugar-free days I do feel more confident choosing the best foods to fill my plate.

      If you do decide to take a break from sugar I wish you the very best!


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