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These aren’t yoga pants

These are life pants.

Years ago (before I became a mother) my dear friend told me how she wore yoga pants everywhere. She had the  – “I am on my way to” or “I just came from” the gym look everyday  – when, in fact, she never actually went to the gym. This was her way to manage the demands of life with three small children. She didn’t have time for any other look. Now that I am a mother I understand how running around in yoga pants everyday is both convenient and smart. Sometimes I don’t have time to pee or eat, much less adorn the most recent and fabulous fashion must-haves. So, yoga pants it is.

My yoga pants (or as I like to call them, life pants) are my savior. Parenthood has brought me to my knees more times than I care to admit. In order to survive and keep my health in order I have to be creative. I need to seize opportunities to exercise when I can. So, if my walking partners say they have a tiny window of time open to take a brisk spin around town, then I am ready, not just for yoga, but for life. I find moments for convenient fitness that can’t be done in jeans.

Of course, the perma-yoga pant look doesn’t work for everyone. Your boss at the office may not love this look for important meetings with clients. This doesn’t mean that you can’t throw a pair of shoes and shorts in your trunk so you are prepared if the opportunity for exercise arrives or, better yet, you seek it out.

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One thought on “These aren’t yoga pants

  1. So, here’s the thing: I LOVE yoga pants! I own several. (This blog was right up my mat!)
    Honestly, I think waking up and putting on exercise clothes lays the groundwork for intention. … As a matter of fact, I looked that beautiful word up in the dictionary “INTENTION” and then cut/pasted it below as a reminder.

    I attempt to set an intention and then live by it every day. Interestingly enough, living in yoga pants IS practice – for life. There are moments during my day I just need a forward fold, a down dog, a simple torso twist, …of course, made all the easier in stretchy pants. Thing is, we can practice good health anytime, anywhere. Try holding in your core (draw your naval gently back toward your spine) for 10-15 breaths, while you’re slowly breathing in and out. It’s simple fitness done in jeans, in skirts, in business suits, but I gotta admit, there’s nothing like spandex to develop good intention. Thanks, Mary!

    noun: intention; plural noun: intentions

    a thing intended; an aim or plan.
    “she was full of good intentions”
    the action or fact of intending.
    “intention is just one of the factors that will be considered”
    synonyms: intent, intentionality, deliberateness, design, calculation, meaning; More
    premeditation, forethought, preplanning;

    the healing process of a wound.


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