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My cousin Kate and the novelty of night running


So, I signed up to run a road race this fall. My cousin Kate is organizing a team and asked if I would join. I knew some people who had done the race in years past, so I thought, why not? Sign me up.

Mind you, I haven’t trained for any type of running event in years, and this isn’t just any ol’ road race. This event will last two days. Some of the legs will be on winding back roads in the middle of the night. Basically, parts of this race would serve well as material for nightmares.

I didn’t join the team because I love to run in the dark in a sleep deprived state. I signed up for this race because I thought it sounded fun. Yup. You heard me right. Fun.

My exercise routine serves me well. I meet my minimal requirements for strength training and aerobic activity. It can, however, get a little boring sometimes. Training for a grueling 200 mile relay is just the thing to spice up my routine.

A little novelty can go a long way. A few years ago the New York Times published an article in which they quoted C. Robert Cloninger, a psychiatrist and researcher, as saying “Novelty-seeking is one of the traits that keeps you healthy and happy and fosters personality growth as you age.” Healthy and happy? That sounds good to me.

Do you have an exercise routine? If not, today is a great day to start – any activity would be novel at this point. Dance around your kitchen while you make dinner. Stand up every commercial break during your favorite show. If you do have an existing exercise routine in place, maybe you could throw in something new. Take a hike. Organize a volleyball game. Try the stationary bike instead of the treadmill. Sign up for a 5k. You have lots of options to insert a little novelty into your exercise plan.

As for me, I guess it is time to dust off my training schedule and start putting in those miles. After all, cousin Kate is counting on me.

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