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The secret is out


I have gone gluten-free. There, I said it. I approach this topic with caution because up until several months ago I thought the gluten-free life was, well, a bit silly. I thought of gluten-free as another passing diet fad, something that would come and go like the millions of diet fads before it. Maybe it will, who knows.

I happened upon gluten-free eating as an accident. If you read my post Adventures in calorie counting, you know I recently recorded everything I ate, and I mean everything. I initially had intended to eat all of the recommended servings of each food category set out by the US government. Well, if you are counting and restricting calories this simply doesn’t work. In the world of calories – grains are costly. Begrudgingly, I bid farewell to my morning toast, which is a BIG deal for me.

After this change I met my calories goals, but also noticed I felt better. I didn’t experience the same allergy-like symptoms I had suffered through for years. I am not sure if I can directly attribute this change to the lack of wheat, barley and rye in my diet, but I am not willing to risk it. So, for now, gluten-free it is.

I want you to know this because I think everyone’s nutrition plan can be unique to them. I hope you can be willing to experiment with your food consumption and see what makes you feel awesome. Gluten-free isn’t for everyone, and truth be told I often daydream about enjoying a chocolate croissant at a parisian cafe someday. No food will be permanently off limits in my nutrition plan. I do opt to wait for that warm, just out of the oven pastry over the been-in-a-box-on-a-shelf-nutrient-poor-cracker I used to snack on.

Maybe today you could eat something different or not eat that food that you already know makes you feel crummy. Otherwise, have a fabulous day!

Finally, If you are interested in learning more about me – look here.


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