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Adventures in calorie counting

I started my most recent journey into health because I wanted to lose a few pounds. Not too much, but I was ready to get the excess weight off. My friend introduced me to one of the calorie tracking apps she had been using with some success. I decided to give it a shot.

I downloaded the app and started to explore some of its features. I was amazed! I immediately started to meticulously record everything I ate and every exercise I did (which sometimes included running in place or skipping around my house to meet my calorie goals). I began measuring everything I put in my mouth. Not so much as two grapes passed my lips without being entered into my phone. I told everyone about the app and was surprised when I got the response “oh yeah, I have used that”. How did everyone know about this and no one told me?? Well, I will tell you how.

At the end of six weeks I was down a few pounds and TOTALLY crazy. I ended each day either starving or guilt ridden. I stared at my phone all day obsessing about my net calorie consumption. My jeans fit better but foods like macadamia nuts and olive oil had become the enemy. I quickly realized I had to let the app go. This was hard because we had become pretty solid companions over those several weeks.

I tell you this because tracking and reducing calories will more than likely help you lose weight. I am sure this doesn’t come to you as any surprise, our government and a million diet gurus have been telling us this for years. However, I think a focus on calories can distract us from what we really want and for me that is  health and happiness.

Food is love, my friends. I caution you against any weight loss strategy that suggests otherwise. There are better ways to get what you want. I will tell you what works for me as I continue to post. For now, have a fabulous day, and come see me again soon.

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