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Reading books backwards

I never read a book, article or magazine word for word from front to back. I habitually check out piles of books from our library. After I collect my books, I am like a little kid on his or her birthday. I gather my “presents” and rush home to tear off the wrapping paper. I open the books one-by-one, examine them, review the table of contents and absorb the sections I find most interesting and hastily toss them aside. I tell you this because if you have found my blog it is likely you have an interest in health. I don’t want you to have to wade through weeks or months of blog posts in order to learn the most important health lessons I have discovered over my years of searching.

So, here they are in no particular order: 1) Hydrate (with water) 2) Eat whole foods (including whole fat dairy), no really 3) Prioritize sleep 4) Stand up!! 5) Lift some heavy sh*t aka strength train.

There it is, my simple (but not always easy), list to help you get your health back on track. I have lots of thoughts on each of these topics, so stick around and I will tell you more.

I should note, this list isn’t concrete, but it is up to date. I think there are lots of ways to achieve one’s best health and I am open to altering my path as I continue to learn and grow. I will keep you informed as my studies continue.

Finally, I am grateful and flattered you have decided to join me. Welcome.


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